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Secure a future by learning a skill


Additional information regarding our job offers you can find on our german website.



If you want to take your future into your own hands, you are in the right place with us. We offer young, dedicated people with various levels of school backgrounds a qualified start to a line of work.  Depending on qualifications and interests you can enter the sales, technical or skilled trades area.

We guide our trainees step by step to learn teamwork and promote and teach social competency along with necessary professional knowledge.  Constructive cooperation is indispensible.


Training and study

FRANZENGROUP offers qualified persons who are interested the opportunity to enroll in a dual study program in the area of architectural engineering. This interesting combination of academic and operational practice enables one to obtain two qualifications in compressed form.

Furthermore college students can write their bachelor’s or master’s theses while at our company.


Advanced training

Advanced training and qualification of our associates is important to us. Therefore we offer continued schooling and workshops, which promote the development of professional and social competence.


FRANZENGROUP is continually evolving.  Therefore it needs dedicated and well-trained associates.

Along with working in an innovative corporate organization with locations all over Germany, we offer the opportunity to gain experience abroad: for example at our offices in Milan and Dubai.