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This multi-layer constructed facade has recently become one of the most successful systems with great variations in design.

A back-ventilated cladding facade consists of an external sheathing, a ventilation zone, an insulation layer, sub-construction and main construction.  The main advantage of such layering is that hardly any moisture can reach the supporting construction.  And even if it does, this residual moisture can be removed immediately by the “chimney effect” resulting from the ventilation.  In addition the built-in separation of heat and weather protection of this type of facade guarantees high level of durability.

The variety in design of facade cladding is impressive.  FRANZENGROUP concentrates especially on:

  • Sheets of fibrous cement
  • Ceramic and stoneware
  • Aluminum composite panels
  • Fiberglass
  • Fiber-enforced resin-composite plate

Combinations of the individual materials are also possible.

But this is a winning concept not only optically and technically.  The system is also sensible economically:  the initial investment may be higher, but this pays off by having a significantly longer operating life and a considerably lower cost in maintaining the facade.